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Roof Repair Services prides itself on providing efficient service. In fact, most of our Hedwig Village roof repair jobs are completed within a few hours so you can regain the safe roof you deserve in a timely manner. Furthermore, each piece of equipment and all materials we use are sourced from the most reputable and trustworthy of manufacturers. By taking time to build relationships with these manufacturers, we are now an authorized dealer, which means that we can extend our contract-level pricing to you when you’re in need of some Hedwig Village roof repair services.

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Johnny Sanchez
Owner and Founder
At the age of 30, Johnny Sanchez began his start in the roofing industry rather unexpectedly in an effort to support his family after his father’s passing. He noticed when walking through his Sugar Land neighborhood of South West Houston, “there are many homes that need roof repair near me.” This inspired him to offer his services and learn the roofing trade; soon after, the dream of Roof Repair Services was born. Over the years, Roof Repair Services has served communities throughout the Houston area, providing quality service and protection to those who need it.
Johnny also retired honorably as a Staff Seargent in the Marines medically after 10 years of service. Today, the honor, integrity, and strength acquired from his role in the United States Marine Corps carry over into the roofing industry, which is why Roof Repair Services’ customers are quick to tell their friends and family,

Roof Repair Services Is Your Go-To Business For All Your Hedwig Village Roofing Needs

Roof Repair Services is proud to serve as your one-stop shop for your roof repair needs, providing you with excellent service every step of the way. Our experienced professionals are with you throughout the entire process and eager to share our knowledge with you so you can trust your roof’s quality again.
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What Should I Do if I Think My Roof Has Been Damaged?

Weather damage is very difficult to assess from the ground. If you think that your home might have been affected by recent weather events, contact Roof Repair Services today to schedule a free and honest inspection–there is NO obligation. Once the level of damage has been determined, we will assist you in the following steps involved in Hedwig Village roof repair, such as getting in touch with your homeowner’s insurance company or helping you understand your warranty.

Roof Inspection

Call Roof Repair Services to assess if there are roof damages and how extensive.

Claim Your Roofing Insurance

Contact your insurance company and file a claim for roof repair or roof replacement.

Insurance Repair Estimate

An Insurance adjustor will inspect the roof to provide an estimate to repair or replacement the roof.

Begins Roof Repair or Replacement

Roof Repair Services will begin roof repairs or replacements.

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