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Roof Repair Services takes pride in delivering efficient and top-quality roofing solutions to the residents of Bellaire. Our team is dedicated to completing Brays Oaks roof repair projects within a single day, ensuring the longevity of your roof. We source our roofing materials from reputable manufacturers, and as an authorized distributor, we provide our services at contract-level pricing, passing the savings on to you.

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Johnny Sanchez
Owner and Founder
At the age of 30, Johnny Sanchez began his start in the roofing industry rather unexpectedly in an effort to support his family after his father’s passing. He noticed when walking through his Rosenberg neighborhood of South West Houston, “there are many homes that need roof repair near me.” This inspired him to offer his services and learn the roofing trade; soon after, the dream of Roof Repair Services was born. Over the years, Roof Repair Services has served communities throughout the Houston area, providing quality service and protection to those who need it.
Johnny also retired honorably as a Staff Seargent in the Marines medically after 10 years of service. Today, the honor, integrity, and strength acquired from his role in the United States Marine Corps carry over into the roofing industry, which is why Roof Repair Services’ customers are quick to tell their friends and family,

Roof Repair Services Is Here For All Of Your Roofing Needs

Roof Repair Services is your comprehensive solution for all your roofing needs in Bellaire. From the initial free, no-obligation Brays Oaks roof inspection to selecting the best materials for your roof, our experienced professionals guide you through the entire process. We understand the importance of ensuring your roof’s integrity, and we are proud to be your trusted roofing partner.
Need Brays Oaks Roof Repairs Near Me? Roof Repair Services Has you Covered!

What Should I Do if I Think My Roof Has Been Damaged?

If you suspect your roof has been damaged due to severe weather conditions such as hailstorms or heavy winds and rain, it’s crucial to schedule a free roof inspection promptly. Storm damage can weaken your roof, and delaying repairs can lead to further deterioration. Contact Roof Repair Services today to schedule your inspection. Once the damage is assessed, our team will determine the optimal course of action to restore and protect your roof.

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Brays Oaks Village Apartments offers a few noticeable features aimed at enhancing user engagement and management on their platform. Firstly, they provide an option for business owners to claim ownership of their listing directly through the platform. This feature allows rightful owners to manage their business information and interact with customers.

Secondly, they include a reporting feature where users can notify the management of any issues or inaccuracies found within the listing. This helps in maintaining the accuracy and reliability of the information provided.

Brays Oaks Village Apartments: What Residents Are Saying

When it comes to understanding what life is like at Brays Oaks Village Apartments, reviews from current and previous residents can be incredibly insightful. Below is a summary of the feedback left by tenants:

  • Positive Aspects:

    • Corey M. (Dated 4/19/2024) praises the staff and maintenance team for their friendliness and efficiency. Corey appreciates the close proximity of the apartments to essential amenities, making daily errands and commutes less of a hassle.
  • Criticisms:

    • Jasmine P. (Dated 7/3/2018) voices significant concerns about the property’s management. She describes the environment as “ghetto” and “unprofessional,” criticizing the management’s lack of communication regarding changes that affect the residents. Jasmine also mentions issues such as the presence of broken down and abandoned vehicles left unattended in the parking lots for extended periods.

These reviews highlight a mixture of experiences, indicating that while some residents appreciate the community and its staff, others have had challenges with management and maintenance of the premises.

Brays Oaks Village Apartments shares its address with several other businesses, offering diverse services. Here’s a quick rundown of these businesses:

  • C B & L Lawn Service: Located in Apartment 1442, this company provides specialized lawn care and landscaping services.

  • Make IT Happen LLC: Situated in Apartment 1368, this firm offers a range of IT solutions, helping businesses with their digital needs.

  • Houston Pet Waste Scoopers: Operating out of Apartment 1212, this service specializes in the removal and disposal of pet waste for local pet owners.

These businesses contribute to a mixed-use dynamic at the location, making Brays Oaks Village not just a residential complex, but a small business hub as well.

Brays Oaks Village Apartments is situated at 8201 W Bellfort Avenue in Houston, Texas, with the zip code being 77071. This location places it within the bustling cityscape of Houston, providing convenient access to numerous local amenities and attractions. Whether you’re a local looking for a new residence or a newcomer to Houston, finding Brays Oaks Village is straightforward given its central location.

Brays Oaks Village Apartments offers a variety of upscale amenities designed for comfort and convenience. Residents have access to two swimming pools, providing a perfect place to relax and unwind. For those needing to attend to business matters, a fully equipped business center is available on-site. Additionally, families can appreciate the inclusion of a playground, suited for children’s activities and outdoor enjoyment. All these features are securely nestled within a gated community, ensuring privacy and safety for all residents. Whether you are living in a spacious one-bedroom or a larger two-bedroom apartment, these designer-touched living spaces enhance the quality of life at Brays Oaks Village.

Brays Oaks Village Apartments Operating Hours

Understanding the operating hours for Brays Oaks Village Apartments is essential for planning your visit! Here’s a quick guide to help you know when their doors are open:

  • Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: Closed

These hours apply whether you’re planning to visit for a tour or need assistance from their office. Save this schedule to make your trip seamless and efficient!

If you’re looking to get in touch with Brays Oaks Village Apartments, here’s the information you might find useful:

  • Address: 8201 W Bellfort Ave, Houston, TX 77071
  • Phone Number: (713) 995-0240
  • Business Hours: Open daily until 6:00 PM
  • Additionally, they have a presence online where you can access more information about their services.

For further directions or inquiries, it’s advisable to visit their website or give them a call directly using the provided phone number.

More About Brays Oaks in Houston

Brays Oaks is a charming neighborhood located in Southwest Bellaire’s Harris County. Encompassing 15 square miles within the historic Fondren Southwest area, this super neighborhood is bordered by Interstate 69/U.S. 59, Bissonet Road, U.S. Route 90A, and South Post Oak.
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