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Roof Repair Services prides itself on providing efficient services. 90% of our Houston roof replacement projects are completed in just one day. Furthermore, to ensure quality, each piece of equipment and all material is sourced from the most reputable and trustworthy of manufacturers. Beyond the pursuit of quality, Roof Repair Services’s standing as an authorized dealer helps us offer contractor-level pricing whenever you need a Friendswood roof repair. We essentially pass on our savings to you without sacrificing quality!

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Johnny Sanchez
Owner and Founder
At the age of 30, Johnny Sanchez began his start in the roofing industry rather unexpectedly in an effort to support his family after his father’s passing. He noticed when walking through his Sugar Land neighborhood of South West Houston, “there are many homes that need roof repair near me.” This inspired him to offer his services and learn the roofing trade; soon after, the dream of Roof Repair Services was born. Over the years, Roof Repair Services has served communities throughout the Houston area, providing quality service and protection to those who need it.
Johnny also retired honorably as a Staff Seargent in the Marines medically after 10 years of service. Today, the honor, integrity, and strength acquired from his role in the United States Marine Corps carry over into the roofing industry, which is why Roof Repair Services’ customers are quick to tell their friends and family,

Has Your Home Sustained Friendswood Roof Hail Damage?

Assessing the damage caused by a hailstorm from the ground up is a difficult task. If a storm recently hit your area and you worry there might be some roof damage, please contact us to have your roofing system professionally assessed. We offer a free, no obligation roof inspection to give you an idea of your roof’s current condition. After the damage has been assessed, you can elect to move forward with Friendswood roof repairs.
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Customers consistently rate Friendswood Roofing with top marks across several key metrics. Each category—value, professionalism, responsiveness, and punctuality—has earned a perfect score of 5.0 out of 5. This unanimous high rating underscores the company’s commitment to quality in every aspect of its service. Evidently, those who have engaged Friendswood Roofing hold it in highest regard, particularly appreciating its dependable and professional approach in handling their roofing needs.

Customers of Friendswood Roofing have described various services provided by the company, which range widely in scope and detail. Below is a summary of the types of work they have performed:

Roof Replacement and Repairs

  1. Complete Roof Overhaul: Customers have mentioned that Friendswood Roofing has completely removed and replaced asphalt shingles and decking on their properties. For instance, one townhome had all its shingles replaced along with about half of the roof decking.
  2. Leak Repairs and Inspections: Various customers reported that the company addressed issues such as roof leaks. In some cases, initial repairs—like fixing air vents or replacing pipe jacks—were necessary to fully resolve the leaks.

Additional Services

  • General Maintenance: Besides addressing immediate repair needs, Friendswood Roofing also conducts general roof inspections to ensure long-term maintenance.
  • Installation of New Roofs: Other customers highlighted that the company installed entirely new roofs. One specific mention was of a house that received a new roof with shingles guaranteed to last for thirty years following hail damage.

In all, the types of work done by Friendswood Roofing, as reported by customers, include significant repairs due to damage, general maintenance checks, and complete roof replacements, indicating a broad range of services tailored to customer needs.

More About Friendswood, TX

Friendswood is a fairly small area that lies between Harris and Galveston counties. Boasting a population of 40,181, this city lies on 1,700/sq mi of area and was founded by the Religious Society of Friends in 1891. Back in 2007, CNN/Money Magazine listed Friendswood as one of America’s top 100 places to live. A small town with a charming family life, the economic activities in Friendswood lie around Houston’s Baybrook Mall, which has a mailing address in Friendswood. The post office and small working establishments service the city’s economic needs.
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